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The Tamil Nadu Government in their G.O.Ms.No.265 (9.47 MB) PDF Icon (PDF File that opens in new window) Revenue(L.R.1(2) Dept Dated: 10.9.2011 have implemented the TamilNadu Chief Minister's Farmers Security Scheme is providing assistance to the land less agricultural labourers farmers and cultivating tenants. This scheme comes into force on the 10th day of september 2011. This scheme provides the distribution of cash assistance to the registered members of the scheme under various welfare program. There is no fee for registering as Member.

All the cultivating tenants both registered and unregistered in the age group of 18 to 65 years who carry (or) personal cultivation in land not exceeding 2.50 acre of wet or 5 acres of dry. The following relations of the registered members, who do not derive any income are considered as dependents. 1.Wife or Husband 2.Children 3.Children and wife of the deceased son 4.Parents.

The details of various assistance provided in this scheme

  1. Education
  2. Marriage of Members
  3. Marriage of Members' Children
  4. Natural Death and Funeral Expenses
  5. Accidental Death and Funeral Expenses
  6. Temporary Incapacitation Pension
  7. Orphan Pension

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